Preserving and Archiving Performing Arts and Literature of Iran.

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By making our ‘audio culture’ [music] recognized throughout the world, you have done a special service for the people of Iran. And this is something that we ourselves have not done! And if any individuals have done it, they only did it personally for themselves. Anybody who wishes to acquaint themselves with Persian music can easily do so now by means of this work that you have accomplished. In fact, they can gain access to all the most intricate details and aspects of the music of Iran through your work.
Muhammad Reza Shajarian
With the precision which you are able to bring to bear with the help of modern technology, and with your exposure of many different aspects of the relationship between music and poetry, the way will be opened up for the next generation, who, I hope, will devote more attention to this aspect of Persian culture than today’s generation presently does, and thus, approach this aspect of the culture of Iran with greater consideration.
Hushang Ibtihaj (“Sayih”), Iranian Poet
In addition, it should be emphasized that many dilettantes involved in the arts [of Iran] had no serious knowledge of the repertoire of classical Persian music, and therefore this proper, systematic study which she has carried out, in my opinion, will be of lasting significance. It will become a model for future generations of musicians, composers, vocalists, critics and researchers in the field of Persian music, as well as for those involved in composing music or in the preparation and performance of musical programmes.
Dr. Shahin Farhat Professor of Music University of Tehran
This is a truly great service and this can be of great help to anyone who wants to study classical Persian music. I personally want to thank you for this.
Humayun Khurram, Violinist and Composer
What is really incredible to me is that whatever one might dream up relating to information or terminology about music – regarding singers, musicians, melodic segments (gushas) and musical modes (maqamha) – she has brought together in one place … To sum it up, in every sense the work [the Golha website] is thorough, exhaustive, all-embracing and comprehensive.
Baha al-Din Khurramshahi, Scholar of Persian Literature
Your activity and this collection that you have gathered together and collated, is in my view, the best and the greatest step towards preserving and maintaining the classical musical traditions of Iran and authentic traditions of Persian song-writing and ballad-composition. It is this that in any case will remain in people’s collective consciousness. For God’s sake I do hope that people listen to the compendium which you have collected.
Mu‘ini Kirmanshahi, Poet and Song-writer
I can say that the work you are doing constitutes one of the most important labours ever yet undertaken for the preservation and recording of the musical culture of Iran.
Mr. Mir-‘Alinaqi Music journalist