Toos Arts festival

The Toos festival was an annual festival that began in 1974 and continued til the 1979 Iranian revolution. It took place in late summer in Mashad Honoring Ferdowsi and his Shahnameh celebrating the Iranian spic literature. It consisted of academic conferences film screenings, theatrical productions, exhibitions and concerts. In this video Mohamad reza Shajarian sings acompanied by Mohamad Reza Lotfi and the Shayda Ensamble.

Date: 1978/1357
Duration: 1 hour
Iranian Culture Ministry

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Director: Mohamad Reza Lotfi
Producer: Iranian Culture Ministry

Mohamad Reza Lotfi
Mohamad Reza Shajarian
Abdunaghi Afsharniya
Pashang Kamkaar
Zaidulla Tulu’i
Bijan Kamkar
Hadi Montizari
Majid Derakhshani
Jamal Samavati
Arjang Kamkar
Iamail Sadighi Asa
Mahmood Lotfi
Minoo Abrishami
Gril Singh

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