Mehdi Black and Hot pants

Mehdi Black returns from a trip abroad and hires Kristin to manage his dairy farm. At first he does not accept her dress code or manner and has gender issues with her. Eventually they develop an affection for each other. In accordance with his fathers will he must first see his three sisters happily married before he can marry. After several escapades he marries off his sisters and then after Kristin accepts Islam they get married.

Release Date: 1972
Duration: 90 min

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Director: Nizam Fatimi
Producer: Ismail Kushan, Hosain Museni
Scriptwriter: Ahmad Nijibzadeh
Artists: Nasir Malik Muti
Kristien Patrisian
Mortaza Aqili
Jamshid Mehrdad
Parviz Jaferei
Fireshte Janabi
Zari Porzand
Illahe Illahi
Fara Laqa Hushmand
Hamid Khairabadi
Abdulali Humayoun
Hosain Hosaini
Composer: Rubik Mansuri. Homayoun Khoram
Lyrics: Nizam Fatimi
Singer: Ahdiyeh, Arif

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