Wheel of Heaven

A young boy rejected by his father turns to a life of crime. His childhood sweetheart convinces him to go straight, The smuglers continue to pursue him and he outwardly collaborates with them, they all end up in jail and he gets his sweetheart.

Release Date: 1967
Duration: 90
Black and white

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Director: Saber Rahbar
Producer: Rahim Hisamian, Ahmad Ganjizadeh
Scriptwriter: Saber Rahbar
Artists:Mohamad Ali Fardin, Reza Bek Imanouri, Azar Shiva, Sholeh Riahi, Mina, Jaleh Pishviiean, Manuel Marvatian, Majid Faridfar
Composer: Homayoun Khoram
Lyrics: Touraj Nigahban
Singer: Iraj
Song: The Doves Lament

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